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For many older adults and disabled individuals living independently, technologies like Amazon's Alexa hold tremendous promise, yet remain largely misunderstood. This powerful personal assistant sits idle in over 25% of US households, used merely as a smart speaker for music and basic information. But Alexa is capable of so much more.

In Untapped Potential, Jane Doe draws on her experience gifting her mother an Alexa and seeing it become an invaluable part of her daily life. The book explores the key areas where Alexa can provide enhanced safety, security and quality of life for older and disabled populations, including:

  • Medication and appointment reminders
  • Emergency response
  • Hands-free control of appliances/lights
  • Streaming audiobooks and podcasts
  • Staying socially connected

Through easy-to-follow instructions and practical use cases, Untapped Potential unlocks the full capabilities of Alexa to improve daily living. No technical skill required. This indispensable guide will help older adults, disabled individuals, and caregivers transform Alexa from a novelty into an empowering personal assistant.